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A community of 4 internet radio stations allowing you air play for your band or to play your latest mix set



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5 Years of Industry Experience

Promoting indie music from all over the world via these methords which has seen us grow our reputation.We also have a wider audience over social media

  • West Star Radio - Known for playing Indie music and has anumber of shows to suit your taste including Electronic Fusion and The Struthmate Show
  • Club Sparta FM - Is known for promoting electronica and clubby music hosts anumber of producers from USA and Australia
  • Fever FM Radio - Known for playing music from the 80s and 90s broadcsted from Australia
  • Romstock Live Stream - local music festival from Romsley UK where we stream each year supporting local artists
  • Logo Mart - Used to make logo for Internet radio stations and producers
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Our Partners

Here is a list of partners who has supported West Star Music Promotions. We also welcome link exchange so if you have a website and would like to exchange with us then please do contact us for more info


Bargain Pete



Club Sparta FM

Club Sparta FM


Fever FM Radio

Perfect radio

Perfect Radio

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